Walking Your Way to Crème De La Crème

REMA President

Sofia Vectoscope Gotter

Rezz Date: 17th July 2009

In 2007 Sofia was invited by some good friends on the net to come and join Sl.. due to her real work, and passion…

she finally joined SL. Being always hungry for knowledge, she thought this would be a chance to learn more and apply her passion to SL .

Sofia has been a fashion jewelry designer in real life for years and established her own company which engaged in marketing, exhibits, creating and manufacturing,

She thought she could apply all her real life to SL ,  She met a man name Eddie Gotter and very soon she realized he was the kind of man, she had been waiting for.  She is one that believes destiny played a golden role for the two of them. and thus she become Mrs. SofiaVectoscope Gotter.

As A businesswoman and designer in real life,  her passion will stay the same in SL,  stand side by side with her husband’s Goals and Visions.  The two of them will always be venturous and always searching for things to create .

Sofia has assisted Eddie in the development of all the Ritz projects and as he..her  passion is with REMA.

Working hard long hours to make sure Ritz Elite Modeling Academy & Agency (REMA) will be a successful venture

Self Control is Strength.
Right thought is Mastery.
Correct priority is Wisdom.
Calmness is Power…..Says Sofia Vectoscope Gotter,REMA President


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