Walking Your Way to Crème De La Crème


Rez Date: 05/14/2007

Hello my name is Mulan Singh have been on Sl for more than 3 years..  i am head geisha of karyukai okiya where i have trained for 3 years..  take a long while to become A living work of art.. i can dance with fans, play intstruments, tell stories and poems..  i have worked very hard at this and i would like to do the same with REMA..
To become the best model i can.. i have done some training with the Red Eye agency as well so i know most of what will be expected of me::))  I have a partner and husband here his name is Shahsa Shang a very ellaquent man with many gifts such as the gift of writing poetry..  I like to dance and have fun but, i am a hard worker and i am not afraid to get my hands dirty with hard work.. In RL…i work in retail and very odd hours..
But, this will not stop me from performing my talents or working to become the best model i can..  i will do what ever it takes to make myself into the gracious model i can be as i am geisha..      please feel free to IM me with any of your questions or ideas that will help me on my path to greatness..  it is a great honor to me to be asked to do this..
Greetings..to all rema staff and any other models training with me i am most proud to be here..

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