Walking Your Way to Crème De La Crème


A Fashion Show sponsored by
Eddie Gotter,

Sofia Vectoscope

All clothing are presented by Models of REMA & Agency
Beautiful Professional Models :
Hasenlala Diesel
Lars Foulsbane
Julia Brand
Tj Bizet
Leggzz Brandi
Meredith Aviatik
Mya Mynx
and Blue Porcher
Silvia Warden



Congratulations to our recent REMA Graduates, Sofia Vectoscope, Ann22 Daxter, Arazome Yuitza and Mulan Singh. The grad show was held at August 1st, 2010 in REMA Showroom. Big thanks to the sponsor, Paris Fashion Haute Couture, Barbarella Portland.

Credit for CEO, Eddie Gotter (Mr.Chairman), Flutegirlsam Gossipgirl (Runaway coordinator),Amazon Silverweb ( Announcer ).

Congratulations again!



Are you confident with yourself and your styling skills? What are you waiting for??Show us your fame and photogenic avatar photo and become our


Ritz Elite Modeling Agency ( REMA ) are giving away 4000L$ cash in total price to the winners of The Ritzy Model Photo Exhibition ( Ritz MPE ).

  • The exhibition is starting from 19th July 2010 where you will take a picture in the “Hawaiian Summer” theme and put it up on the photo board in our Agency.
  • It is FREE to join and there are two type of systems which we will use in search for the “Ritzy Photogenic Model” : Voting System, Judging System
  • Therefore we will have 4 winners in this photo exhibition which are: The 3 Highest Voted Winners and The Judged Winner.
Theme: Hawaiian Summer
Entry Deadline : 19th August 2010
Pre-Requisite and Rules
  1. Photo must be relevant with the theme
  2. Photo size = 512 x 512 pixels
  3. Photo must be a FULL PERM
  4. Photo can be changed but notification required
  5. Photo can be edited but you should show the realistic
  6. No nudity, drama and griefing
  7. No refunds
  8. REMA reserves the right to disqualify your entry if you do not meet the requirements
  9. WINNERS will be announce on 20th August 2010

How to participate?

  1. Styling yourself in the “Hawaiian Summer” theme and take your best photo ever.
  2. Rename your photo with – July Ritz MPE [your name] and send a copy to Hernia Aries. (No need to send a note card)
  3. Visit Ritzy Model Photo Exhibition venue.
  4. Add your entry to the photo boards by CLTR key and drag your photo from your inventory onto the photo board.

Evaluation Criteria for the Judged Winner

(A) Relevancy to Topic

Is the photo an obvious illustration of the theme? [1-10 points]

(B) Arrangement

Did the you use the best angle or otherwise interesting perspective?[1-10 points]

(C) Creativity

Do you show some creative thought or original idea in the making of this photo?      [1-10 points]

Total points: 30 (max)

Note: If you have any questions, IM Hernia Aries in world. All the best!


Ritz Elite Modeling Academy & Agency Grand Opening Event

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