Walking Your Way to Crème De La Crème



Rezz Date: 10th May 2008

He was curious to see what the so called “Second Life” was all about.
In the first week He had women friends that offered to show him all the adventures and sights .

After a couple of weeks “exploring” He decided he wanted to rent some land and build a house.
After a couple of Months He decided  He wanted to own His own land
and be a landlord rather than paying rent to some other person.
A year later he owns several homestead regions and had tenants renting most of it.

During this first year he built a “Dance” club named Club Kamasutra.
Closed it 2 months later after one night the DJ and a guest were shouting out vulgar words over and over.

He later built a Jazz-Blues club named Eddie’s  later rented it to someone which changed
the name to Pointe Fusion Jazz.
During this time he met a lady named Sofia Vectoscope and by the end of 2009 was engaged to her.

Two years and two months after birth he has several businesses and a beautiful loving wife.

“We have established several companies but My passion is in REMA” says Mr. Gotter


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